The Bahrain Red Crescent Society is considered one of the most important among national societies in Kingdom of Bahrain.

It is a prominent and fully qualified member of the International Red Cross society’s federation. The international nature of the society diversifies the humanistic aims and purposes, which it endeavors to achieve, in Bahrain and abroad, agreeing to the principles of Humanitarian cooperation adopted by the Geneva international convention and conforming with the principles of other Red Crescent and Red Cross societies as follows:


The Red Crescent was established to extent undiscriminating help and assistance to soldiers and wounded persons on the battle field. This society is presently pursuing a policy of protection for human life and public health, relief of human suffering and improvement of understanding friendship and cooperation between all nations.


The Red Crescent society fulfills its duties without regard for nationality, age, religion, social status or political ideology.


The society refrains from part-taking any dispute, will not discuss political, racial or ideological topics, consequently the society will be seen to be clearly neutral in all directions.


The Red Crescent organization is an independent body. National societies however work closely with authorities in their respective countries and abide by the law of land, whilst maintaining independent pursuit of the international principles of Red Crescent and Red Cross societies.

Charitable Nature

The Red Crescent society is a charitable organization, volunteering help and rescue, no financial reward is sought.


The Red Crescent society may not establish more than one organization which should extent the whole country.


Internationally, Red Crescent societies receive equal rights with one another and promote understanding and cooperation amongst themselves.